10 blockchain projects related to identity and personal data protection

Protect ID via blockchain

Using a blockchain ledger to manage identities would make it extremely difficult for fraudsters to wreak havoc without leaving an obvious digital trail. Here’s how it works: Each block in the blockchain builds upon its predecessor, and the cryptographic nature of these blocks makes it hard to alter information stored in the existing blocks.

The resulting record is immutable, meaning that changes to every single identifier associated with an individual must be logged. This system prevents malicious actions by data custodians, and ultimately makes identity theft more difficult to execute.

We are going to introduce 10 blockchain projects related to identity and personal data protection.

1 – Quixxi Ecosystem

Developers are faced with a lengthy, complex, and costly process to build better, more secure applications incorporating new technologies such as blockchain.

Quixxi provides an immediate solution, enabled by a new tradeable cryptocurrency, the Quixxi Token (QXE). their collaborative ecosystem will include SDKs and services for developers and enterprises to integrate blockchain features such as Crypto-Payments, Secret Storage, Identity Management, and Token Creation.

Quixxi will also incentivise developers to publish custom SDKs and services that will be purchased by other developers using QXE.

The Quixxi ecosystem will rely on a new tradeable cryptocurrency, the Quixxi Token (ticker: QXE). Application developers will be able to gain access to Quixxi services by paying with QXEs. Service access fees will take the form of subscriptions (for static services/libraries) or per-usage fees (for services that make regular calls to blockchains that incur on-chain expenses). QXEs will also be used to reward community developers whenever their service modules are used by client developers.

Website: https://tde.quixxi.com/

2 – ShoCard Identity Platform

ShoCard allows users and enterprises to establish their identities with one another in a secure, verified way so that any transaction–whether it’s to login, share personal information, or complete a financial transaction–can be accomplished quickly, seamlessly and with peace of mind.

Creating a ShoCard ID can be done either through the ShoCard App, or a company or entity can build in the technology into their existing Apps via ShoCard SDKs (Software Development Kit).

ShoCoins are an integrated part of the ShoCard platform and allow for exchange of compensation between different entities as users share their identity and other information that service providers associate with their identity such as their credit score or college certificate.

Website: https://shocoin.io

3 – persona, Zero Knowledge Identity Blockchain

Persona represents the solution for identity management, aligned with the latest data protection regulations. Its scope is to empower the customer and grant him/her the control over their personal data as well as the means to secure access to their private details.

By using Persona, the individual spends less time updating their data and service providers can access the latest version of the customer data.

You are the de facto owner of your data. Therefore, in order to have access to a service or device, you need to explicitly agree to share it. The party entrusted with this kind of data is supposed to take all the necessary actions in order to protect it and protect you.

Persona is about you and your interaction with the outside world. You’ll be able to create your own halo based on your data: medical records, fitness progress or social media accounts. You’ll be able to give access or revoke access to your details as you please since they’re yours.

Website: https://persona.im

4 – Velix.ID

As the contemporary methods of identity verification take too long to process, incur a massive financial loss for both businesses and consumers, and often compromise the personal information of the consumers.

Velix.ID is decentralizing the process using smart contracts, zero-knowledge proofs (zSNARKs), and stellar consensus protocol (SCP) to build an ecosystem that is Universal, Obscure, Transparent, Decentralized, Time-Efficient, and Cost-Efficient. Velix.ID Ecosystem has its own native VXD utility tokens which will be used to transact identity verification between the stakeholders in the ecosystem.

The initial target markets are India & Australia with over 1.3 Billion identities, to be followed with operations launch in Asia-Pacific and UK. The Velix.ID team and advisors come with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry with a varied background including from Cointelegraph, BnkToTheFuture, KickICO, PundiX, Propy, Trade.io, Covesting, Crypterium, and The Next Web.

Website: https://www.velix.id

5 – Xenchain

Xenchain accelerates and strengthen identity verification processes by using e-KYC technology that requires facial recognition, making manual document authentication a thing of the past.

Xenchain creates and distributes XENCs to utilize the decentralized network of blockchain technology and enhancing personal data security by controlling where the data is stored and who has access to that information.

By utilizing e-KYC (Know Your Customer) technology, personal data is secured in cryptography and access to your private information is enabled only if you give permission to the requestor to retrieve the data from the Xenchain Network.

Website: https://xenchain.io/

6 – Nuggets

Nuggets is an e-commerce payments and ID platform. It stores your personal and payment data securely in the blockchain, so you never have to share it with anyone – not even Nuggets. That means no more data breaches – because companies don’t have to store your data. So you can make payments and use services without worrying about your privacy or security.

What Makes Nuggets Unique

  • Never have to share or store your data again
  • E-commerce payments and ID in one
  • Protect your data with the ultimate security of the blockchain
  • No more data breaches
  • No usernames. No passwords.
  • No endless updating. Update details once, in Nuggets
  • Earn Nuggets Tokens to use with any participating merchant
  • Pay, log in, and verify your identity with your biometrics
  • No need for risk assessment and credit checks
  • Pay with existing payment methods or cryptocurrency

Website: https://nuggets.tokenhub.com/

7 – Civic

Civic’s visionary blockchain identity-verification technology allows consumers to authorize the use of their identities in real time.

they are spearheading the development of an ecosystem that is designed to facilitate on-demand, secure, low-cost access to identity-verification services via the blockchain.

Currently working out of five countries around the globe, the Civic team has created a revolutionary platform to empower consumers to control their identities.

Civic recently conducted one of the most well respected token sales in history, enabling us to deliver a Marketplace for transaction of trusted identities.

This Marketplace will change both the economics and user experience of how trusted identity is used forever, opening up new use cases for how we use identity.

Website: https://www.civic.com

8 – THEKEY Project

THEKEY Project Team is now developing an identification verification (IDV) tool with blockchain based dynamic multi-dimension identification (BDMI) by using Personally Identifiable Information (PII) which is exclusively authorized by government authorities.

THEKEY is a Decentralized Ecosystem of Identity Verification Tool Using National Big-data and Blockchain.

THEKEY Project, a world leading solution provider in IDV industry, is here in place to leverage innovations in blockchain and smart contract technologies to develop its second-generation IDV solution. The second-generation IDV solution will be realized by BDMI technology.

BDMI stands for Blockchain based Dynamic Multi-Dimension Identification technology, which aims to set up a powerful and cost-efficient identity verification tool for internet. The ultimate objective of BDMI is to generate undeniable and unalterable IDV results.

BDMI embraces the 6 elements below simultaneously to deliver the perfect solution for IDV:

  • Unique biometrics data serves as the base of BDMI.
  • The data of BDMI used, including biometrics data, for IDV are all validated in advance by the relevant government authorities.
  • The data of BDMI used for IDV are comprehensive enough so that it can meet the different requirements of various clients.
  • To ensure the reliability of BDMI, cross-check is always carried out during IDV between the government validated data and behavior/scene data of the same user.
  • To ensure solidity of BDMI, BDMI always uses updated data when an IDV is executed, to capture the latest changes, if any.
  • Once an IDV is completed the result will be properly documented for audit so that personal credit of the user can be evaluated and calculated.

The THEKEY project has been prospected since 2015 aiming to provide the state-of-the-art and admirable user experience for IDV solution. The great success of our first-generation IDV solution based on DMI technology has proven the strong ability and commitment of THEKEY Project Team to deliver the second-generation IDV solution as well as the massive commercial value in such a promising and expandable market.

Currently THEKEY Project team envisions that a new decentralized ecosystem for everyone’s daily life will be generated by utilizing the combination of the existing developed technology and blockchain technology.

Moreover, the shared IDV solution provided by THEKEY project is not merely the underlying basis for the prospective artificial intelligence (AI), but the essential element for all network legal relations (including copyright and data exchange) and crucial support for the popularization and development of blockchain technology.

Website: https://www.thekey.vip

Many countries and industries have specific rules on client relations. For example, it is incredibly difficult, nearly impossible in fact, to open a bank account or receive a prescription for a rare medicine without proper proof of identity. In the USA this concept is called Know Your Customer, or KYC.

KYC.LEGAL allows the identity of users to be established and documented, so that going forward they can register for any services that require such verification by providing only that information which is required for each individual service.

KYC.LEGAL solution will help them to quickly and easily become verified users. KYC.LEGAL have created a product that makes it much easier to comply with client identification requirements. The product is made up of two parts:
document verification through a mobile application
verification of identity and documents with the help of a KYC.LEGAL agent.

The entire process should take no more than 45 minutes, which is an all-time record on this market. KYC.LEGAL have a finished, functional application, which can already be downloaded and installed on both iOS and Android.

Website: https://kyc.legal

10 – YourBlock

YourBlock is a private ecosystem, anchored to the traditional Ethereum Blockchain, using smart-contracts to allow for the secure storage of personal data.

Smart-contracts and the nature of the Blockchain technology will also allow Service Providers to upload information of available services. Both parties will meet on the ecosystem, to manage their policies (the consumer) or to provide quotes (the service provider).

A Blockchain based Digital Filing Cabinet, which enables the consumer to securely store, control and manage their data.

YourBlock combines the security, privacy and scalability of private storage with the data integrity, immutability, and accountability of the public Ethereum Blockchain, YourBlock will hold provider’s pricing for their products and services. Consumers can request quotes without their data leaving the platform. Consumers will be rewarded with discounted products and services, and then be rewarded with YBK Tokens for using the platform.

YourBlock enables the consumer to: interact securely with third parties; take up services; manage paperwork; communicate and record communication.

Over the past twenty years price comparison websites (PCWs) have emerged. The industry has enabled consumers to compare the offerings of multiple providers simultaneously, and in one  place. These PCWs are popular globally, and cover many markets, including: financial services; utilities; hotels; flights and durable goods. These sites generate billions of dollars annually.

Website: https://yourblock.io

Do you know other blockchain projects related to identity and personal data protection worth mentioning? comment it below!

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